Tips for working out at home

Over the course of the next several weeks and possibly beyond, you may have to adjust to working out at home.

This may pose quite a challenge for many who do not own much, if any equipment, are limited on space and/or are simply uncertain what to do.

With all the uncertainty and fear surrounding us right now, it is important we do not allow something that should actually make us better inside and out bring on additional stress.

So I thought I would share a few tips to help you navigate your new fitness space.

⭐Designate a Space – Find a spot that you can dedicate to your workouts. Place any equipment you may have in that area and consider putting up some motivational quotes to keep you going.

⭐No Equipment, No Problem – Utilizing your own body-weight with higher volume and/or adding ploymetrics into your workout can be a welcome change from weight lifting and really get your heart pumping.

⭐Make It Fun for the Family – Get your family to join in on the fun, your kids could probably stand to get some energy out after all.

⭐Live Stream – There are several at home workout programs and apps that can bring fun and challenging workouts right to your TV, tablet or phone.

⭐Get Creative – Try a class format you’ve never done before. Maybe you been affraid to check out Zumba or yoga at your gym, now’s your chance to try it in the comfort of your home.

⭐Get Coached – I’m adjusting programming for several of my athletes who are switching to working out at home. Consider working with a professional to design workouts for you while you’re stuck having to do them at home.

⭐Hang In There – This certainly isn’t ideal but this shall pass. Know that everything you have done up to this point won’t suddenly go away since you’re having to shift gears and train differently for a little while. In fact your body may appreciate the shift. Do your best to keep active, drink plenty of water, eat well and allow exercise to make you happy, not frustrated!