What equipment do I need?

Access to a fully equipped gym would be ideal.  If not feasible, a variety of equipment like dumbbells, stability ball, medicine balls, bands, etc., can be used for programming.  We will discuss your available equipment during your consultation to ensure your program is designed around what you have access to.

How much experience do I need?

You most certainly do not have to be a gym rat, that is why you are coming to us after all!  But some basic knowledge and comfort in the gym setting will help you progress more quickly through your programming.

How many days a week do I need to strength train?

2-3 strength sessions per week is recommended and designed into the programming.

How long do the workouts last?

Generally the strength and conditioning sessions take about 45-60 minutes to get through depending on the intensity of the particular workout, the athlete's energy levels/tempo and the layout of the gym.

When should I run/cross train?

We will discuss your current run/cross-training and make a plan to build your strength and conditioning around it.

Do you offer run coaching?

YES!  Run coaching is including in the Premium Coaching service.  This service takes a wholistic approach to training where your training plan includes running, strentgh, recovery and nutritional support.

If you currently have a run coach and/or run plan, we reccomend the Basic Coaching service for supplemental strength and conditioning built around your run schedule.

Do you offer nutritional support?

Yes, with premium online coaching plan. I offer nutritional support as far as suggested calories and macros utilizing the MyFitnessPal app (which syncs to the Strength2Run app).  I also have resources available for basic nutritional guidelines as well as fueling for workouts and runs.

What should I do if I have a goal race coming up?

You can continue training before, during and after a taper, but just like running, we will need to taper your workouts to prepare and then recover from the big race.  Please let us know about any upcoming races in advance so that we can plan according.

What if I have any injury/health condition?

Please consult with your health care provider before beginning any new exercise program.  If you have been cleared to proceed, please let us know of any recent or reoccurring injuries as well as health concerns.

How are payments made?

Payments are made through PayPal.  For coaching (Premium or Basic) you will be need to sign up for a 3-month subscription but have the option to go month-to-month after that.  For training plans, there is a one time fee for a download.

Why a three month minimum?

Just like running, strength training is progressive and it is important we begin by building a solid foundation.  It can take time and consistency over the course of several weeks to learn new skills, perfect form and build strength, therefore we progress through the exercises and programming.  You will begin to experience results almost immediately, as well as build confidence in your abilities, and we will continue to incorporate more challenging and advance workouts as you progress.

Any other questions?

If you have any additional questions or are ready to move forward, let us know!  We look forward to hearing from you and potentially working with you soon!