Book your next “FIT-cation”

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Traveling is one of my all-time favorite things to do. Whether it’s a weekend getaway with my hubby off hiking and exploring, a girl’s trip with fruity drinks by the pool, or fun-filled family vacay, there’s nothing quite like escaping for a few days and letting loose.

One thing that can often pose a challenge while traveling is staying on top of nutrition and fitness.  Especially now with Covid safety restrictions, crowding into a hotel gym or busy restaurant may be even more difficult now more than ever.

But this past weekend, my family and I stayed at The Melia here in Orlando, and we had the opportunity to unwind and relax by the pool, enjoy some time exploring PLUS keep up with our health and fitness goals!

Here are a few tips about how to enjoy your next FIT-cation…

Book Accordingly
Many hotels and resorts offer state of the art fitness centers, but depending on state, local and company policies, these workout rooms may be restricted or even closed.

The Melia offers in-suite fitness options for your safe and convenient workout needs. We stayed in the Peloton suite that had the bike as well as weights, bands and plenty of space to move about. I was able to work out each day in the comfort of our own suite without no one around by my kids cheering me on and my hubby taking pictures for the gram for me.

They also have a fitness center on suite as well as additional suites that include The Mirror.

Meal Prep
If you’re eating out for most of your meals while vacationing, it can be very difficult to constantly find healthy options. We typically try to book rooms with moderate to full size kitchens so that we can store and prepare healthy food options.

Since we only live about 45 minutes away from The Melia, we were able to prepare and bring quite a bit with us. Conveniently located just minutes away is a Publix grocery store, where we were able to stock up on the rest of our needs and keep it all in our nice size kitchen with a full size refrigerator.

Of course, the kids wanted ice cream and other treats from the hotel restaurant, which we were able to do so while socially distanced with staff members wearing masks. Room service is another great option if you prefer to ditch any crowds.

Stay Committed
Vacation is a great time to relax, recharge your batteries, spend some much-needed time with your family and even let your hair down a bit.  But always keep your goals and why they are so important to you in the back of your mind so that you can continue to make healthy choices while vacationing.

Having a safe, contactless space for me to work out right in my very own room as well as beautiful grounds to run around helped eliminate any excuses and kept me on track!

Try Something New
I’m a firm believing in stepping outside of your comfort zone and trying new things, and what better time to do it than while you’re in a new and exciting place!?! Fitness class within the resort or surrounding studios may be an offered, if that is something, you’re comfortable doing at this time check one out.

The awesome perk to having the Peloton in our suite at The Melia, was getting to try the different classes offered through their service. I’m pretty out of practice for yoga but my kids joined me and we had fun! We also tried some of the short but effective family workouts on the Peloton.

Give something new a try, you never know you may end up really enjoying it!

Keep Moving
It’s definitely nice to get to relax, and by all means, take advantage of it while you can.  But a sure-fire way to stay on top of your fitness while on vacation is to simply stay active.  Of course for me, with two young boys, I have no choice but to keep moving since I am constantly keeping up with them.  But other ways we like to stay active on vacation is by walking the city or going on hikes, renting bikes or paddle boards, kayaking, rock climbing, etc.

During our stay, we rented bikes from Bike Celebration and had a blast exploring the boardwalks and neighborhoods of downtown Celebration.

Bikes are sanitized after each use and maps are contactless maps are provided through your mobile device. Also, masks are required throughout the area in business and outside if social distancing cannot be maintained.

Live A Little
Last but not least, you are on vacation after all, so enjoy yourself!

I typically like to follow the 80/20 principle where 80% of what I do is healthy then the other 20% is indulgence.

Having the kitchen as well as in-suite fitness equipment definitely helped keep me on track, but it was nice to enjoy a cocktail from the poolside bar, some ice cream with my kids after a long bike ride and of course a delicious brunch for the 360 Bistro on site.

Most importantly, it was incredible getting to spend a safe but enjoyable weekend away, making memories with the ones I love the most!

Book your very own Fit-cation in one of the fitness-focused suites at the beautiful Melia Resort in Orlando (Celebration) Florida!

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