Are You Still Doing These?

5 Rookie Mistakes Even Experienced Runners Still Make

I ran my first full marathon almost 10 years ago, which seems like an eternity.

What makes me feel even older in the running realm is that I got started over twice as long as that!

Having been running for 20+ years, and working with athletes for the past 15 years now, I’ve experienced just about everything you can think of either personally or second hand.

And believe it or not, no matter how many years we’ve been doing this, rookie mistakes still happens to the best of us.

The reason I bring this up is I not only want ya’ll to realize no one is immune to making mistakes from time to time. It’s normal, we’re human.
But I also wanted to offer some insight on how to correct some of these if/when we fall victim to them.

Going Out Too Fast – Whether it’s in a race or neglecting a warm up for a workout, runners of all levels often make this mistake. We get excited, we feel good and we go balls to the wall, then crash and burn. So here’s your friendly reminder to SLOW DOWN.

Not Fueling/Hydrating Properly – You wouldn’t expect your car to get across town on empty, so you can expect your body to get through a long run or workout without fuel. Same goes for hydration. I can’t tell you how many issues we’ve corrected with athletes through the years from low energy, not hitting paces, cramps, headaches, aches/pains etc., that have circled back to fueling and hydration. A great way to get a better handle on fueling for workouts is to make sure you get a good source of carbs and protein before hand, you have some carb sources available while you’re out there, and you take in protein within 30 minutes afterwards. And drink plenty of water and electrolytes!

Setting Unrealistic Expectations – Look, I’m a firm believer in dreaming big and not setting limits. But we also have a realistic timeline for said dreams. Often times athletes will come to me with HUGE goals, which is super exciting, but they want it then and there and are disappointed we can achieve it immediately. So we chip away at it, setting smaller, shorter term goals that will work towards their ultimate goal. Also, I must add, that success is not always linear. So don’t get discouraged and trust the process.

Neglecting Recovery – Foam rolling, mobility, stretching, rest days, recovery runs and sleep. Those are all things we KNOW we should be doing a better job of, but often neglect. It all plays a vital role in not just recovery, but also in performance and injury prevention. Start by making a commitment to foam roll after your long run, do some mobility exercises the following day, and of course, keep your easy days easy. Small habits will add up and make a big difference in your overall training regimen.

Not Asking For Help – When we’re knew to anything, we’re excited and eager to soak everything up like a sponge. But as time goes on, we feel we’ve got it under control and just do our thang. For the most part, that’s great, but when we reach a plateau, it’s time to change things up. Try running with a new group, incorporating more structure to your running and strength to your training, and of course, consider working with a coach. And I also must add, if/when you feel you’re injured, don’t play Dr. Google, seek professional medical attention and get it properly diagnosed and treated!

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